Eric Joyner

A painter and illustrator whose playful, colorful, and often bizarre works radiate a sense of fun and nostalgia drawn from vintage Pop Culture, Eric Joyner is best known for his series “Robots and Donuts,” inspired by a scene in the movie Pleasantville. Vowing to paint only things that he liked, Joyner took inspiration from his collection of old tin robots and spaceships to create his most famous images, adding the donut element after watching the film. The visual non-sequitur would become his signature motif, as in works such as Apparition or Corgi of Vallejo. With a heaping dose of humor, Joyner has also incorporated old newspaper cartoon characters, Mexican masks, San Francisco cityscapes, and figures from old Sci-Fi movies into his work. Trained as a commercial illustrator, Joyner’s style is detailed and precise, its realism contrasting with the fanciful nature of his subject matter.