Über die Künstlerin

Elena Steiner

Die fulminanten Porträts von Elena Steiner sind alles andere als klassisch.


Elena's work is odd, at the very least. She makes mixed media pieces by combining acrylic paintings and objects in front of them that give a whole new meaning to whatever is depicted on the canvases behind them. It's weird to see a perfectly painted subject beeing seemingly ridiculed by placing large toothbrushes or blow-up dolls in front of them. But that is the style in which Steiner expresses herself and it's an aggressive way of displaying. What we find most fascinating is how Elena succeeds to make her pieces as glamorous as they are despite apparently mocking them.

Steiner did not want her work to have too much in common with something that can be found in literally everybody's living room. Her art needed an identity of its own. Elena Steiner's pieces may look humorous from time to time, even juvenile. But do not be fooled as she knows exactly what she's doing. A fact that will never change is that audiences love controversies, it simply intrigues them in a way that only a few things are able to. And on that front, Steiner delivers admirably. But she does not do so in a grotesque, attention-seeking way some artists tested themselves in before her - she does it elegantly, confidently and bravely.