About the artist

Florian Satzinger

Graz, Austria


Austrian based Nemoland Award winner Florian Satzinger was a student of the late Disney, MGM and Hanna-Barbera animator and animation director Ken Southworth, who influenced him greatly. Satzinger was trained at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in British Columbia, Canada and at the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, Middlesex University London, United Kingdom.

Having worked as a character designer and visual development artist for clients including Warner Bros., Disney, ReelFX and The Zanuck Company, Satzinger is right now developing, with French Disney writer Denis-Pierre Filippi («Disney’s Mickey»), an all new (yet untitled) Donald Duck comic album and is pushing on his own IPs under the umbrella labels «DUCKLAND» and «PAPERWALKER».

Florian Satzinger is a member of Los Angeles based Creative Talent Network, a community for the world's leading creators of both traditional and digital animated films.