Über den Künstler


Der britische Künstler verbindet in seiner Portraitmalerei Streetart und japanische Ikonigraphie.


HUSH is a British mixed-media artist who fuses the aesthetic of street artwith subjects from Japanese iconography like geishas and female mangacharacters. In his signature works, HUSH superimposes layers of vibrant wheatpaste patterns and graffiti onto delicate stencils of women’s faces. His unique approach to portraiture blends motifs from Eastern and Western art, resulting in abstracted works that appear both glamorous and seedy. HUSH studied graphic design at Newcastle University and worked as a toy designer in Japan, where he developed an appreciation for Japanese culture that continues to shape his work. HUSH’s art extends across a range of mediums, from outdoor murals to large- and small-scale paintings, screenprints, and, most recently, NFTs.