Tamara Kolb


Acrylic, 24 carat gold leaf, white gold (50:50 gold:silver) on canvas

80 cm


"This is my most elaborate painting to date. Each strand of hair here was individually gilded. Means Anlegegemilch with the finest brush in lines apply, strand by strand and not too many at once so that the adhesion quality remains, gold platelets with the stop brush pick up, apply, fix.... Many hours and attention to detail flowed from my hands to create a work that transcribes the magic of a kiss. 

Each time you look at the painting looks different - create the reflections in the lines different moods. Depending on the time of day and light influence, the portrait shows new facets. I myself have let the picture work best in the evening hours on me or in all the morning in the first daylight. 

As every kiss is different, so is this image from hour to hour - I am happy that the work has paid off in such a fascinating way. Will I make such an effort again? Not in the near future I think. Would I do it again in this elaborate way for this picture? YES! 

To love, to beauty!"

- Tamara Kolb