The Verdict

€5,200.00 Tax included
Product type: Original Artwork

120 x 160 cm
Acrylic, Modelling, carving and 24 carat gold leaf on canvas

Have set all the stones in this game,

networked my circle to perfection.

Put everything in its place

And spent my life in sweet harmony.

Then fate came and bumped just one,

causing my world to shake.

Chaos now rules my soul,

Will it be the determining part of my existence from now on?

I am conflicted as to where I can escape from it,

unfold my wings and stand before the question whether light or darkness

or darkness and above all - what then?

I will probably stay and see how everything falls into place,

whether the hope for the light alone is enough.

May the chaos give way again

and finally every particle

line up anew in order

under the mild consecration of happiness.

This time the stones are no longer lined up by my hand,

no, this time by the healing bond of time.