Der Wunsch
Tamara Kolb

Der Wunsch

Englischer Titel: "The Wish"

Acryl auf Leiwand

100 x 200 cm 


Zum Kunstwerk gehörendes Gedicht, geschrieben von der Künstlerin:

From time to time it happens, you get caught up in dark nets of thoughts
Perspectives turn upside down and you wound yourself by your own shots.

Being stands on its head and the path seems tobe only pain
the ego becomes small and the self-torture was in vain.

But it seems to be the infinite law, I bet,
that in these moments, hope appears on delicate wings in its self-woven net.

So I greet you, little messenger, even though I am still surprised,
Nevertheless I'm happy about the your promised high.

© Tamara Kolb