Enhanced Disintegration

$7,720.00 inkl. MwSt.
Produktart: Original Kunstwerk

Hand Painted Multiple on wood 
Limited Edition 1/6 
61 x 46 cm

“Enhanced Disintegration” is a painting and print Shepard created for his 30th year in street art based on a decayed and (mostly) defaced sicker of the Obey “Icon Face,” one of my most versatile and ubiquitous images. The sticker was on a yellow pole with old cracked paint, which peeled off when portions of the sticker were ripped away. The Icon Face was scratched and written on with a felt-tip marker, yet remains legible. I love the textures of the disintegration and transgression that leaves my image almost scarred into the pole’s surface. Bloodied but unbowed and persisting, this image is as good as any to represent the power of tenacity and the beauty of patina.