Vanity's Secret
Tamara Kolb

Vanity's Secret

Acryl, Metall auf Leinwand

160 x 80 cm


Zum Kunstwerk gehörendes Gedicht, geschrieben von der Künstlerin:

Vanity is my name
I am man’s master since the dawn of time.

I split them into two parts,
destroy their minds and hearts.

Ego and soul are through me once friend, then foe,
only little that unites them, that’s easy to show.

Both full of shame over their own fallibility,
their knowledge is better confined to mystery.

Together, in unison, they would be infinitely grand,
but their yearning for perfection ultimately plays into my own hand.

So I will reign over them with tranquility,
until one of them dares to speak to the other about his fallibility.

© Tamara Kolb