"My art is influenced by the amazing work of Damien Hirst. If it was not for him and his creativity, I would not have become the artist I am. Many young colleagues said:
'What is so special about Hirst, I could have done his spot paintings when I was 7!' But when I challenged them to develop Damiens’ work into something new, to advance the spots into new dimensions, in other words to create own art which is that simple and that powerful, nothing came. That was when I decided to enhance Damiens’ work into new simple and powerful works "a 7-year-old could have done" but never had. Into something not even Damien thought about. I decided to take his spots, shuffle them and let me flow into the different directions my own mind leads me to. And it led me to various beautiful places. To marble statues, to flying spots and flying rings, to rectangle, ball and cube paintings. And I am still walking to new places every day. I have to thank Damien Hirst and I hope he appreciates the outcome as much as I appreciate his work."

- Feromontana