Mr. Frivolous


Grew up in South West London  |  Hates pineapple toppings on pizza  |  Constant daydreamer  |  Inspiration right now: Charles Bukowski, Picasso and Basquiat  |  Favorite number: 1823  |  Art school: Camberwell College of Art, London College of Communication  |  Starting using blue and yellow in his work because he suddenly couldn't remember how to do correct skin tones  |  Does a bit of street art from time to time  |  Also likes to write.


October 2017 "Abandoned By The Past, Left Stranded In The Future"
KIN Art Gallery, Manchester (solo)

October 2017 Innova Art Postcode Prints Signings & Customization
Moniker Art Fair, London (group)

June 2016 "Sad & Beautiful World"
Phone Booth Gallery/The Frida Cinema, Santa Ana CA (group)

August 2014 "Contemporary Contemporary"
Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco CA (group)


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