Untitled [Ray of Light]

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Produktart: Fotografie

Untitled [Ray of Light]

Edition of 312

28cm x 35.5cm

Digital pigment print on 305gsm Moab Juniper Baryta paper

Individually signed in lower right corner and accompanied by a unique certificate of authenticity.

With Twilight, a series of 40 elaborately-staged photographs taken between 1998 and 2002, Gregory Crewdson arrived at the epic, filmic approach which has come to define his instantly recognisable images.

Twilight explores liminal moments in small town America. Everyday settings become paranormal as night draws and bizarre details arise. Intentionally ambiguous, each photograph resembles a climatic film noir still while eluding any concrete plot, place or character.

In the final print, a narrow beam of light invades an otherwise-innocuous corner. The spot where it lands – home to a wooden signpost and a broken fence – wriggles beneath its newfound significance.

“I like the way that something as simple as a ray of light can change a landscape from ordinary to mysterious or uncanny. Light becomes a narrative code. Here, the ray of light offers a sense of something larger than us – expansive, or transcendent. There are moths in the picture, which are a motif that runs through my work. In this case, I took real moths that I photographed for a previous series and composited them into the light.”