Dagmar Beyer

Who is afraid of beautiful women?
In her collages, Dagmar Beyer processes images of women from a wide variety of magazines and places them in new contexts.
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Dagmar Beyer was born in 1963 in Wolfsberg, Carinthia. Today she lives and works in Graz and Vienna. After studying law at the KFU Graz, she completed the master's program "Art & Economy" at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Her works with predominantly small formats made of scraps of paper, torn off posters, typographic snippets and photo fragments thematically deal with the "woman and her position" and the "woman and her perception".

For her collages or decollages, she prefers to process paper on various support materials in the studio, but also in urban spaces.
The removal from existing contexts, the haptics of the material and the possibility of creating a new aesthetic is the basis of the composition. The unpredictability of the material and the resulting design possibilities, tear-off edges and colors, decide the design process.
In addition to the works on paper, photographic collages are also created in the form of multiple exposures.


Bakerhouse Gallery - Graz, Austria
#epic opening - Bakerhouse Gallery 2.0
Bakerhouse Gallery - Graz, Austria

Back to Reality
Bakerhouse Gallery - Graz, Austria
SIAF - Salzburg International Artfair
Salzburg, Austria
#epicwomen 2020
Bakerhouse Gallery - Graz, Austria
ARTe-Contemporary Art Exhibition
Wiesbaden, Germany
Munich, Germany
X-Mas Special Group Exhibition
Bakerhouse Gallery - Graz, Austria