Bakerhouse Gallery
Graz / Berlin
Wie investiert man richtig in Kunst?

How to invest in art the right way?

K1 Kunstforum and Bakerhouse Gallery invited to a talk round at K1 Tower Graz on the topic of "Investing in Art".

The talk guests:
Helmut Konrad, Collector, K1 Group
Marianne Hussl-Hörmann, Dorotheum
Wolfgang Pelz, fair organiser
(Art Austria Art Fairs, Art in the park)
Tom Lohner, artist & gallery owner, Bakerhouse Gallery

Moderation: Elke Rock, ORF - Hitradio Ö3
Künstliche Kreation - wem gehört's?
Thursday, 26. January 2023

Artificial creation - who owns it?

Talk at the Brands Pop-Up of the Patent Office at Kunsthaus Graz Who is allowed to design what with AI and use the result. Kurt Fleisch, Deepfake satirist Elisabeth Hödl, practice professor for IT law at the Institute for Legal Foundations at KFU-Graz Tom Lohner, artist and co-owner of Bakerhouse Gallery Katharina Schell, deputy editor-in-chief of APA and expert on AI applications in the media sector Christian Weber, co-managing director and CTO of Leftshift One.

Photo credit: Jack Coleman Agency 

Alles Bitcoin oder alles Bullshit?
Friday, 11. November 2022

All bitcoin or all bullshit?

It's about the big question whether bubbles are important or dangerous, starting from the exhibition at the Graz Kunsthaus by Hito Steyerl, which runs until January 8, we looked at the bubble of cryptocurrencies, but also the crypto possibilities for the art market. As an impulse, a documentary about Bitcoin mining in Georgia ran before the podcast. "The Harvest." In the conversation, however, we make little reference to it.

Host: Barbara Haas, Kleine Zeitung, Head of Podcast and Video Editing Christa Sommerer, Artist (Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer) and Professor at the Interface Culture Department, Institute for Media, University of Art Linz Klaus Billinger, Managing Director, Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz Dirk Raith, Sociologist and Business Ethicist, Sustainable Economy - Ethics and Transformation, University of Graz.
Urban, Street Art & NFTs, Austrian Style
Thursday, 25. November 2021

Urban, Street Art & NFTs, Austrian Style

Talk about Urban & Streetart from Austria and NFT's with Faisal Zaidi, Co-Founder and CMO of Crypto Oasis Dubai, Gottfried Eisenberger, CEO, Graz, and Klaus Billinger CEO Bakerhouse Gallery at #nofilterdxb Dubai, United Arab Emirates.