Klaus Billinger (Managing Director) and Tom Lohner (in-house art talent) share their experiences from exhibitions, fairs and give an insider view into the art world.some interesting guests are already invited for future episodes.

All episodes are in German.

All about the Scan.art Emerging Artist Price

Klaus Billinger & Gotti Eisenberger discuss the "Scan.art Emerging Artist Prize 2024" and the part of Bakerhouse Gallery. The art price offers a platform for new artists worldwide to gain recognition and advance their careers.

The competition includes categories like painting, photography, mixed media, and drawing. Winners receive cash prizes, exhibition opportunities at major international art fairs, and gallery representation. The overall winner gets €5,000 and a 2-year representation by Bakerhouse Gallery.

Shortlisted artists will be featured in group exhibitions in Austria and online. Applications open from April 15 to August 31, 2024.

This episode is in english

Will Graz finally have an art fair?

In this episode, our host Klaus Billinger has invited a special guest: Gottfried Eisenberger from Scan.art, who many also know from his popular YouTube channel "The Art Fair Guy", on which he delves deep into the world of art fairs.

Together, they address the question of why there is still no art fair in Graz. In doing so, they not only shed light on the challenges and opportunities of such an event, but also take a look at the entire art fair market in Austria, with a special focus on Vienna. You can look forward to a fascinating discussion about current developments, trends and the future of art fairs in our country.

Hard Rock meets Art Rock: Tom Lohner im Interview mit Mina Caputo von Life of Agony am Nova Rock Festival 2024

A unique artistic synergy unfolded backstage at the Nova Rock Festival 2024. Mina Caputo, singer of the famous New York rock band Life of Agony as well as painter, and artist Tom Lohner sat in front of their new joint artwork "The Bowieand Warhol Wonderland", which was presented for the first time at the festival backstage at the Red Bull stage, a brand new collaboration between both artists.

Both artists, Caputo and Lohner presented their different creative processes and united their two styles on this work. Caputo, who is driven by spontaneity, brings her raw emotions directly to the canvas, in contrast to Lohner, who meticulously plans his methodical approach. Their collaborative work reflected the fusion of these contrasting styles and was inspired around the theme of lasting legacies, borrowing from icons Andy Warhol and David Bowie.

This artwork symbolized how the influences of Warhol and Bowie reached beyond their lifetimes and continue to inspire people today. This project marked the beginning of an exciting journey for Caputo and Lohner, who aimed to learn from each other and inspire others.

The artwork is currently on display at the Bakerhouse Gallery Graz.

Bestselling author Dr. Slaven Stekovic in conversation with Tom Lohner and the art of living long

This time there is a slightly different podcast - Didi Hubmann from the Kleine Zeitung is leading the podcast today. The guest is the best-selling author Dr. Slaven Stekovic in conversation with his friend, Tom Lohner. They discuss how to live a long life it is not only important to eat healthily, but also how to grow old happily. They share their personal experiences about what matters to them in life and what connects an artist and a molecular biologist.

Saudi Arabia from an artist's perspective: Camillo Stepanek live interview in Riyadh

Camillo Stepanek in conversation with Klaus Billinger and Gottfried Eisenberger from Scan.art. Camillo describes his art style “Pop Art Nouveau” to us. He also tells us how he got to Saudi Arabia from Austria via Morocco and New York and why this country now plays a big role in his life.

Camillo Stepanek:

Gottfried Eisenberger: www.Scan.art

Jax District: https://www.visitsaudi.com/en/events/jax-district
Diriyah Biennale: https://biennale.org.sa/en/about
Maraya Building in Al Ula: https://www.marayaalula.com
Al Ula: https://www.experiencealula.com/en/about/about-alula/arts-and-culture
Misk Art Institute: https://miskartinstitute.org

Live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with Gotti Eisenberger

What is happening in the arts and culture scene in Saudi Arabia? Gotti Eisenberger from Scan.art and Klaus Billinger looked at the art scene in Riyadh and reported on their impressions.

Jax District
SAMOCA Saudi Arabia Museum of Modern Contemporary Art
(The video from The Art Fair Guy on Youtube)
Riyadh Art
In the night
Noor Festival
Riyadh Biennale
Royal Commission of Riyadh
Tuwaiq Sculpture Festival with the Austrian Max Seibald
Misk Art

Panel Discussions: Art in Saudi Arabia by Rebecca Proctor, Alia Al-Senussi
Al Herwa Gallery at Kingdom Center
Al Mousa Center, Riyadh

Gotti also tells us about his experiences with the Ministry of Culture in Doha, Qatar and about the "Fire Station"

Photographer and winner of countless photo awards: Wolfgang Gangl

Today's guest on the Bakerhouse Gallery Podcast is the photographer and winner of countless photo awards Wolfgang Gangl. Wolfgang tells us how he came to his now world-famous style of photography and how much effort goes into each photo.

Monsieur Scherzernack in conversation with Klaus & Tom

Monsieur Schabernack in conversation with Klaus & Tom about how to switch from graphic design to art, his career, his visions for the future and his meeting with Gottfried Helnwein!

Artist meets artist: Tom Lohner meets Monsieur Schabernack / Interview by Aurel Hu

Artist meets artist: Tom Lohner meets Monsieur Schabernack in the Bakerhouse Gallery / Interview by Aurel Hu. Video on Youtube online!

Investing in Art // hosted by Elke Rock

K1 Kunstforum and Bakerhouse Gallery hosted a talk round at K1 Tower on the topic of investing in art.

The talk guests:
Helmut Konrad, Collector, K1 Group
Marianne Hussl-Hörmann, Dorotheum
Wolfgang Pelz, fair organiser
(Art Austria, Art in the park)
Tom Lohner, Artist & Gallery owner, Bakerhouse Gallery

Moderation: Elke Rock, Ö3

Epic Women Talkrunde moderiert von Mari Lang, mit Nici Schmidhofer, Katharina Schicho, Nicole Niederl, Lucia Riccelli und Dani Müller-Mezin

Epic Women Talkrunde moderiert von Mari Lang, mit Nici Schmidhofer, Katharina Schicho, Nicole Niederl, Lucia Riccelli und Dani Müller-Mezin

Epic Women 23 Vibes by DJ Chris Kent

For all those who were not present at the opening of the Epic Women 23 exhibition, here is the sound of DJ Chris Kent to listen to :-)

Iconic Beats from Vienna by DJ Chris Kent

Feel the vibes of the Bakerhouse Gallery Event "One Night only" at the Campaigning Bureau / Icon Tower in Vienna. Mix by DJ Chris Kent

How do I do social media as an artist and how did Tom Lohner get his blue check mark on Instagram?

How do I do social media as an artist and how did Tom Lohner get his blue check mark on Instagram? Klaus Billinger & Tom Lohner answer these questions and once again give lots of tips and tricks in our latest podcast.

Alles über die Kunstszene in Dubai

This time we give you an insight into the art and gallery scene in the United Arab Emirates with focus on Dubai. Today's guest is again Gotti Eisenberger from Scan.art who was just at the World Art Dubai. We also travel with you through the art scene of the emirates Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras al Khaimah. The podcast is hosted by Klaus Billinger & Tom Lohner :)

How to make a living from my passion as an artist & how to deal with setbacks

Klaus Billinger & Tom Lohner answer listener questions again - this time: How can I live from my passion as an artist & how do I deal with setbacks.

How to apply to a gallery - tips & tricks

How to apply to a gallery - tips & tricks from an artist's point of view and from a gallery owner's point of view. With Tom Lohner & Klaus Billinger. Have fun!

Join in on our podcast!

Coming soon in our podcast: Q&A with Tom & Klaus. Also - a short review of the last months and a preview of events and fairs. Among other things: a million painting on the Bakerhouse Gallery booth at Art Austria? Epic Women on May 05! Summer Residency in August at the Attersee! Tom Lohner solo exhibition in September.

Artificial creation - who owns it?

Talk at the Brands Pop-Up of the Patent Office at Kunsthaus Graz Who is allowed to design what with AI and use the result. Kurt Fleisch, Deepfake satirist Elisabeth Hödl, practice professor for IT law at the Institute for Legal Foundations at KFU-Graz Tom Lohner, artist and co-owner of Bakerhouse Gallery Katharina Schell, deputy editor-in-chief of APA and expert on AI applications in the media sector Christian Weber, co-managing director and CTO of Leftshift One.

Photo credit: Jack Coleman Agency 

Alles Bitcoin oder alles Bullshit?

Es um die große Frage, ob Blasen wichtig oder gefährlich sind, ausgehend von der noch bis 8. Jänner laufenden Ausstellung im Grazer Kunsthaus von Hito Steyerl haben wir uns die Blase der Kryptowährungen, aber auch die Kryptomöglichkeiten für den Kunstmarkt angesehen. Als Impuls lief vor dem Podcast eine Dokumentation über Bitcoin Mining in Georgien. "The Harvest". Im Gespräch nehmen wir aber wenig Bezug darauf.

Moderation: Barbara Haas, Kleine Zeitung, Leiterin Podcast und Video Redaktion Christa Sommerer, Künstlerin (Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer) und Professorin am Interface Culture Department, Institut für Medien, Kunstuniversität Linz Klaus Billinger, Geschäftsführer, Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz Dirk Raith, Soziologe und Wirtschaftsethiker, Nachhaltige Wirtschaft - Ethik und Transformation, Universität Graz

Epic Beats - DJ Chris Kent Set @Epic22! Vernissage

In diesem Set Mitschnitt von Chris Kent bei unserer Ausstellung Epic22! werden zum einen die Kunstwerke in ihrer Ausdrucksstärke, aber auch die moderne Umgebung, in der diese ausgestellt wurden, hervorgehoben. Magisch wie immer hat er dies mit fein selektierten Disco-, House- sowie Deep House- Tracks geschafft. Diese Musik versprüht nicht nur gute Stimmung im Raum, sondern war auch die Grundlage für herausragende Gespräche mit unseren Besuchern. Hört selbst rein und taucht in die von Chris Kent (IG @christhecurlkent) geschaffene Welt ein.

The sound of summer Mix by DJ Chris the curl Kent

Wir schicken Euch mit Musik in den Sommerurlaub! Der perfekte Mix für jede Strandparty von DJ Chris the curl Kent!

Von Bristol nach Graz: Künstler Lewis Blake im Interview

Lewis Blake kommt auch Bristol, studierte in London Kunst und arbeitete lange für den weltbekannten Künstler Damien Hirst als "Specialist Painting Assistant". Der Liebe wegen zog es den erfolgreichen Künstler nach Graz wo er nun auch von unserer Galerie vertreten wird.

Interview mit Nychos zu seiner Solo Ausstellung in der Bakerhouse Gallery

Interview mit Nychos zu seiner Solo Ausstellung "Two to look - one to see" in der Bakerhouse Gallery. Wir sprachen mit Nychos, dem internationalen Superstar, über seinen unglaublichen Werdegang, von der Ortweinschule, den ersten Graffitis im Josef Huber Park in Graz, bis zu einem der angesagtesten Künstler weltweit.

Vernissagen, Kunstmessen & Kulturveranstaltungen während Corona

Unser Gast Gotti Eisenberger von Fynd.art, Tom Lohner und Klaus Billinger diskutieren über Vernissagen, Kunstmessen & Kulturveranstaltungen in Zeiten von Corona. Wir sprechen über Vernissagen in der Bakerhouse Gallery und über Messen die heuer stattgefunden haben.

Die unglaubliche Geschichte des Peter Kalkhof

Zu Gast im Podcast ist heute Jens Kalkhof, Neffe des 2014 verstorbenen Künstlers Peter Kalkhof. Er erzählt wer Peter Kalkhof war, seine internationalen Erfolge und die unglaubliche Geschichte wie die Bilder nach Graz kamen. 

Josef Florian Krichbaum im Interview zur Online Vernissage "The Big Now"

Josef Florian Krichbaum im Interview zur Online Vernissage "The Big Now" - eine Serie von neun aktuellen Öl/Mixed Media Bildern.

Gotti Eisenberger von Fynd.art

In Zeiten von Covid-19 machen wir den Podcast diesmal nicht wie gewohnt in der Galerie sondern per Online Konferenz. Heute stellen wir euch Gotti Eisenberger aus Graz vor, der mit seiner WebApp Fynd.Art gerade den Internationalen Kunstmarkt erobert. Alles weitere erzählt er ihm Gespräch mit uns. Viel Spass!

Wer oder was ist die Bakerhouse Gallery? Wie alles begann..

In der vierten Episode des Bakerhouse Gallery Podcast erzählen wir die Geschichte wie alles begann und was jetzt gerade alles passiert :-) Viel Spass beim zuhören!

Im Gespräch mit Marion Rauter

Im dritten Podcast sprechen wir mit Marion Rauter anlässlich ihrer großen Personale in der Hofgalerie im Steiermarkhof, Graz. Marion Rauter wurde 1970 in Villach geboren, und setzt sich seit ihrer Jugend intensiv mit der Malerei auseinander. Seit 1995 lebt sie als freischaffende Malerin in Graz.
11. December 2019

Art Basel Miami Week Teil 2

Unser Resume der Art Basel Miami Woche. Mit Klaus Billinger und Tom Lohner.
04. December 2019

Art Basel Miami Week here we are!

Unser erster Podcast - und dann gleich aus Miami! Wir sprechen über die Kosten einer Messe. Mit Klaus Billinger und Tom Lohner.