Feromontana's art has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale and in the world's most influential art venues such as New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Madrid, Vienna and Florence, and is sold by galleries around the world.
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The works of Feromontana, born in Graz, Austria 1964, one of the most influential Austrian lawyers and a law professor for public law at the University of Graz, seem to prove this saying true. Feromontana, creates unique art no one has ever seen before.

This has been recognized by the art world in a very special way. The influential international “Art Market Magazine” issued a special edition of the top contemporary artists of today, featuring 50 contemporary artists who influence the art world of today. And a sculpture of Feromontana decorates the cover as well as the rear page of the magazine. Inside the magazine there are six pages which feature his artwork. Other magazines as well featured artworks from Feromontana on their cover. His art was exhibited at the biennale in Venice as well as in the most influential art-locations in the world such as New York, Tokio, Dubai, Madrid, Vienna or Florence and is sold by galleries all over the world.