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Paco Pomet

Artist Paco Pomet relies on old snapshots and historical documents in his delightfully surreal oil paintings.
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Keen observation, humor and realism collide in Paco Pomet's deliciously biting reflections on the human condition. Pop references and bright colors bring social commentary to fictional historical scenes, underscoring the timeless nature of our efforts and concerns. The artist explains, "I've always thought that themes have remained the same over the centuries and that human aspirations, hopes and chimeras are cyclical."

Pomet earned a BFA degree from the University of Granada, Spain, before continuing his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Fascinated by the technological developments of the early 20th century, Pomet sees the dialogue between photography and painting as essential to his work. Series such as the Muppets or Sesame Street and painters such as Mark Tansey and René Magritte have also had an influence on his visual language.

In addition to numerous group exhibitions in Spain and the U.S., Pomet's work has also been featured at the Beijing International Art Biennale, where he received an Award for Excellence in 2010, and at the Banksy-curated Dismaland Bemusement Park in 2015. An individual retrospective was shown the same year at the Baker Museum in Florida. Paintings by the artist are in various public collections in Spain, including the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the IVAM (Institute of Modern Art in Valencia).