Tom Lohner

Tom Lohner, an energetic and award-winning Austrian artist and rising star in the art world, is known for his imaginative depictions of pop culture.
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Tom Lohner was born in 1982 in Bruck an der Mur, Austria. The family moved to the USA, where he began his artistic education with Judith Jay in Monterey, California. Back in Austria, Tom Lohner graduated from the Ortwein School in Graz.

Today, Lohner works in his studio and gallery in Graz. He exhibits in several international galleries and museums, such as the Museumsquartier in Vienna, the Stoique Gallery in Tokyo, and the Art Whino Show in Washington DC.

Some of his works are also available through the "Hard Rock Cafe" restaurant chain. His collectors and clients include some well-known musicians and artists such as Maroon5, Foo Fighters, MTV, Dior, Smirnoff, Almdudler, Hard Rock Cafe, Sony Music (EU) and Ellie Goulding.


World Art Dubai, Group Exhibition,
Dubai, Emirates
09., 12. March 2023

The Best of Tom Lohner, Solo Exhibition & 1st Retrospective,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
tba (Spring 2023)

the Special Christmas Exhibition, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
10. December, 21.December 2022

Art Austria, Highlights
Vienna, Austria,
06, 09. Oktober 2022

Epic 22!, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery,
Graz, Austria,
09. September, 29.Oktober 2022

AAF, Hong Kong, with Appraisal and Collection,
Hong Kong, China,
04. - 07. August 2022

Summer Exhibition, Group Exhibition with Jörg Döring,
Banksy, Retna, Takashi Murakami, Javier Calleja,
Patrick Hughes, Peter Kalkhof, and Shepard Fairey,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
01. July - 31. August 2022

Art Austria, Group Exhibition,
Museums-Quartier, Vienna, Austria,
05. - 08. May 2022

Urban and Street Art Exhibition,
Group Exhibition with Patrizia Casagranda, Jörg Döring,
Elena Steiner, Josef Florian Krichbaum, Takashi Murakami,
Kaws, Javier Calleja, Shepard Fairey,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
31. March - 20. May 2022

Art Expo New York, Solo Exhibition,
Pier 92, New York,
27. - 30 October 2021

No Filter, Group Exhibition,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
24. - 27. October 2021

World Expo 2020, Austria Pavillion,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
01. October 2021

Solo Exhibition, Bakerhouse Gallery,
Berlin, Germany, 01. - 03. October 2021

Art Austria, Group Exhibition,
Museums-Quartier, Vienna, Austria,
17. - 20. June 2021

I fu**ing Love You, Solo Exhibition,
Museums Quartier, Raum D, Vienna, Austria,
17. - 20. June 2021

From Urban to Pop Art, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
01. - 30. April 2021

World Art Dubai,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
07. - 10. April 2021

X-Mas Special Art show, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse, Graz, Austria,
08. - 19. December 2020

Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, Fynd Art,
Messe Frankfurt, Germany,
29. October - 1. November 2020

ARTMUC, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Munich, Germany,
22. - 25. October 2020

World Art Dubai,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
08. - 10. October 2020

Arte Wiesbaden, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany,
23. - 27. September 2020

SIAF (Salzburg int. Art Fair), Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Airport Salzburg, Austria,
5. - 9. August 2020

Epic4, Group Exhibition, Bakerhouse Gallery,
Graz, Austria,
03. July 2020

Spectrum Art Fair Miami,
Solo Exhibition, Mana Wynwood,
Miami, 4. - 8. December 2019

Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt,
Group Exhibition, Bakerhouse Gallery,
Forum Messe Frankfurt, Germany,
1. - 3. November 2019

Epic Opening, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
18. October 2019

ARTe Wiesbaden Art Fair, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, RheinMain CongressCenter,
Wiesbaden, Germany,
20. - 22. September 2019

Thransform-ARTE Art Fair, Solo Exhibit,
Eisenstadt, Austria,
30. August - 01. September 2019

Verwandelt, Group Exhibition of the Künstlerbund Graz,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
28. June 2019

The Art of MAKAvA, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
13. June 2019

Discovery Art Fair Cologne, Group Exhibition,
Bakerhouse Gallery, XPOST, Cologne, Germany,
10. - 14. April 2019

Time Space & Texture, Group Exhibition with Christopher Wool,
Peter Kalkhof, Bakerhouse Gallery,
Graz, Austria,
15. February. - 08. March 2019

Salon Steiermark, Group Exhibition,
Künstlerhaus Graz, Austria,
12. December 2018 - 20. January 2019

Epic1, Group Exhibition, Bakerhouse Gallery,
Graz, Austria,
15. November 2018

Art Pavillon Graz,
Messe Graz, Austria,
27. September - 01. Oktober 2018

Die Sonnenburg Kulturtage, Solo Exhibition,
Sonnenburg Riezlern, Austria,
02. August - 05. August 2018

Oh please do @ 15 Seconds Festival,
Group Exhibition, Messe Graz, Austria,
07. June - 08. June 2018

Art Pavillon Graz, Messe Graz, Austria,
27. April - 01. Mai 2018

Nordic Art Agency Pop up, Group Exhibtion,
Södra Förstadsgatan 4 Malmö, Sweden,
01. March - 21. March 2018

Group Exhibition "Künstlerbund Graz",
Künstlerhaus, Graz, Austria,
15. December 2017 - 04. January 2018

Greenwich Winter Exhibition,
Royal Naval College, London,
15. - 17. December 2017

Group Exhibition, Bakerhouse Gallery,
Graz, Austria,
02. - 25. November 2017

Affordable Art Fair,
Nacka Strandsmässan Stockholm,
12. - 15. October 2017

The Art of Hard Rock, Solo Exhibition, B
akerhouse Gallery, Graz, Austria,
03. - 28. October 2017

Art Pavillon Graz, Messe
Graz, Austria,
28. September - 02. October 2017

Looking forward until 40,
Group Exhibition with Christina Boula,
Anna Maria Bogner, Nicolas Dellamartina,
Georg Dinstl, Christian Eisenberger,
Enrique Fuentes, Julia Hanzl, David Holzinger,
Maria Legat, Tom Lohner, Prenninga,
Laura Stadtegger, Josef Wurm,
Schloss Tabor, Burgenland, Austria,
24. September - 29. October 2017

The Art of Hard Rock by Tom Lohner,
Hard Rock Cafe Vienna, Austria,
08. August 2017

Venice Art Crawl, Group Exhibition,
Venice, California USA,
May 2017

Create Gallery Opening, Exhibition,
Graz, Austria,
25. March 2017

The Artificient Seven,
Group Exhibition by Künstlerbund,
Graz, Austria,
24.03. - 02.04.2017

Zamus Festival, Live Painting,
Cologne, Germany,
22.03. - 25.03.2017

The Art of Hard Rock by Tom Lohner,
Hard Rock Cafe London,
January 2017

Exhibition at Castel Dell´Ovo, Group Exhibition,
Matttia Fagnoni Gallery, Naples, Italy,
10.01. - 10.02.2017

Weihnachtliche Gruppenschau, Group Exhibition with
Alfred Kornberger, Hubert Scheibl, Walter Eckert,
Oswald Oberhuber, Laura Stadtegger,
Galerie Czaak, Vienna,

Weihnachtsausstellung, Group exhibition with Nicolas Dellamartina,
Georg Dinstl, Hermann Nitsch, Otto Muehl, Arnulf Rainer,
Franz West,
Galerie GALERIE, Vienna,

Retrospective, Group exhibition with Emmerich Weissenberger,
Michael Maier, Joey Davis,
Gallery Stross, Graz, 12.11.2016

Wiener Innenstadt Galerierundgang, Group exhibition
with Günter Brus, Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, Alf Poier,
Josef Wurm,
Galerie GALERIE, Vienna,

Almdudlerball Ball,
30 x 8 meter stage design,
Town Hall Vienna,

The Opening of Styriarte, Livepainting and
exhibiton of main art work,

AustriansArt, Exhibition with Herbert Brandl,
Hubert Scheibl, Oswald Oberhuber, Walter Eckert,
Adolf Frohner, Otto Muehl,
Galerie C, Vienna,
20.03. - 09.04.2016

Spring Time, Exhibition with Siegfried Anzinger,
Herbert Brandl, Walter Eckert, Adolf Frohner,
Otto Muehl, Alfred Kornberger,
Galerie C, Vienna,
03.03. - 19.03.2016

Dead Fairy Tales, solo exhibition,
Galerie C, (Vienna, Austria)
17. Dez 2015

X-Mas Gruppenschau, exhibition with Alfred Kornberger,
Gerhard Leixl, Tom Lohner, Otto Muehl,
Galerie C, (Vienna, Austria)
10. Dez 2015

H'Animalism, solo exhibition,
Prato, (Graz, Austria)
28. Nov 2015

H'Animalism, solo exhibition,
Newman House W1, (London, UK)
19. Nov 2015

H'Animalism, solo exhibition,
Galerie C, (Vienna, Austria)
30. Oct - 14. November 2015

H'Animalism, solo exhibition,
Vernissage @ Almdudler Headquarter, Vienna, Austria
29. Oct 2015

State of the Art,
contemporary influential artists Collective show
Guwahti, India,
Aug 2014

NCS, Neon Cup, solo art show,
Birmingham, UK,
May 2014

Art on Snow, Collective show (main artist)
Casino, Bad Gastein, Austria
Feb 2014

Cash, Cans & Candy, Group Exhibition,
Galerie Hilger, Vienna, Austria,
31. May 2013

VOLT (live painting) skate board convention
Vienna, Austria,
May 2013

Freie Galerie, Collective show
Graz, Austria
March, May 2012

Art on Snow, collective show (main artist)
Casino, Bad Gastein, Austria
Feb 2013

National Museum Joanneum,
Library Graz, Austria,
Dec 2012

Munich, Germany,
May 2012

Art on Snow (main artist),
Casino, Bad Gastein, Austria,
Feb 2012

STOIQUE: Japan, Charity Show, collective show
Osaka, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Kyoto, Jap
Oct - Nov 2011

SPIN THAT RECORD, solo art show (tour):

1. BPM, Music Trade Convention
Birmingham, UK
Oct 2011

2. Upstalsboom
Kühlungsborn, Germany
Sept 2011

3. Castle Quellenhof
Quellenhof, Germany
Sept 2011

4. Art Resort Parkhotel
Bad Bertrich, Germany
Aug 2011

5. THE AP-ART Gallery
Soho, London, UK
Aug 2011

Brick Lane, London, UK
Aug 2011

7. Design Resort Theresia
Hinterglemm, Austria
Juli 2011

8. MQ Vienna
Museum, Mod.&Cont.Art, Austria
April 2011

9. Wängl Tängl
Mayerhofen, Austria,
March 2011

10. ISPO, METHOD MAG, Livepainting & Display
Munich, Germany
Feb 2011

Skate Collective, Londonmiles Gallery,
Westbourne Studio, UK

ISPO, Sky Seven Magazine
Munich, Germany
Feb 2010

Wintersession, main artist
Chamonix, France

Art Whino, collective show
Virginia, USA

UK tour fall 2009 (live painting and exhibitions)
The Graffik Gallery
Portbello Road, London, UK

The Reebocklounge, collective show
Shorditch, London, UK

Big Freeze (snowboardevent), solo show
Battersea Park, London, UK

Metro Skishow, solo show
London, winter sport convention)

Royal Olympia Hall
London, UK

FBBB show
Milton Keynes, UK

Absolutely Free, collective show
Statemuseum Joanneum,
Graz, Austria

Bright Trade Show, collective show
Frankfurt, Germany

Cosmotewhat‘sup, collective show
Athens, Greece

ISPO, collective show
Skate Board Art Crimes,
Munich, Germany
Feb 2009

Seeyouskate, collective show
Thessaloniki, Greece

Zerum, collective show
Graz, Austria

ISPO, special guest
Spacejunk Gallery,
Munich, Germany
Feb 2008

Skate art Crime 3, collective show
Thessaloniki, Greece

Styrian Summer Art, collective show & work shop
Graz & Pöllau, Austria