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#epic Women 2020
Friday, 11. September 2020 Friday, 02. October 2020

#epic Women 2020

#EpicWomen is back!

After last years successful exhibition, DIE Steirerin and Nägele & Strubell are presenting #epic female artists:

Jolanda Richter, Carola Deutsch, Tamara Kolb, Marion Rauter, Dagmar Beyer, Cinthia Mitterhuber, Valentina Eberhardt, Daniela Jakob, Eva Maria Guggenberger, Andrea Mühlbacher and Julia Hanzl!

We are looking forward to welcome you there!

Josef Florian Krichbaum - THE BIG NOW
Friday, 03. July 2020

Josef Florian Krichbaum - THE BIG NOW

The new date to show Josef Florian Krichbaum amazing work is July 3rd 2020 - 7 PM, and we're looking forward to welcome you there.

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Back to Reality
Saturday, 08. May 2021 Saturday, 29. May 2021

Back to Reality

Our gallery is officially open again! We have used the downtime to acquire new art pieces and discover new artists. Drop by and have a look around!

Exhibiting artists:

  • Dagmar Beyer
  • Carola Deutsch
  • Tamara Kolb
  • Josef Florian Krichbaum
  • Tom Lohner
  • Patrick Hughes
  • Jörg Döring
  • Peter Kalkhof
  • Feromontana
  • Patricia Casagranda
Josef Florian Krichbaum - Online Ausstellung
Friday, 27. March 2020

Josef Florian Krichbaum - Online Exhibition

The exhibition could not take place in the gallery as planned, but we managed to create a nifty "online exhibition" with selected pieces.

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"Human" by Marion Rauter
Thursday, 16. January 2020

"Human" by Marion Rauter

Marion Rauter is proudly presenting new art pieces depicting inspiring personalities in her solo exhibition "Human".

The exhibition takes place in Steiermarkhof, Hofgalerie, Ekkehard-Hauer-Strasse 33, 8052 Graz

#epic opening - Bakerhouse Gallery 2.0
Friday, 18. October 2019

#epic opening - Bakerhouse Gallery 2.0

We are celebrating our spacious new location with an #epic opening, on October 18th, at 6:30 PM.

Featured artists:

  • Dagmar Beyer
  • Carola Deutsch
  • Tamara Kolb
  • Josef Florian Krichbaum
  • David Leitner
  • Tom Lohner
  • Andrea Mühlbacher
  • Mariou Rauter
  • Michael Schranzer
  • Wenzo

Works of:

  • Jörg Döring (DE)
  • Shepard Fairem (USA)
  • Ava (FR)
  • Bael (UK)
  • Mr. Frivolous (UK)
  • Peter Kalkhof (UK)


Music by DJ Trashtray


Vernissage "verwandelt" vom Künstlerbund Graz
Friday, 28. June 2019
19:00 - 22:00

Vernissage "verwandelt" by Künstlerbund Graz

24 artists from the Künstlerbund Graz are exhibiting within the context of Styriarte. This year’s theme „changed“ (german „verwandelt“) is taking the artists on a journey to subjectively interpret personal experience with a philosophical approach. 

Exhibiting artists: Michael Birnstingl, Maximilian Davis, Valentina Eberhardt, Marianne Hasenöhrl, Dagmar Helbig, Renate Höfer-Wiesinger, Helene Hötzendorfer, Larissa Holweg, Tessa Huber, Gerda Jaritz, Andrea Kurtz, Mara Liness, Tom Lohner, Harald Mauerlechner, Daniel Mautner, Hilda Pasch, Peter Petrovic, Ilsetraud Riegler, Roland Scherlin, Elisabeth Schindelka, Eva-Maria Slonek, Stefan Schmidt, Inge Stornig, Sergey Vovk

The Art of MAKAvA – Vernissage for a fair and chill world
Thursday, 13. June 2019 Wednesday, 19. June 2019

The Art of MAKAvA – Vernissage for a fair and chill world

23 local artists from different backgrounds are effortlessly, colorfully, in abundance, with humor, in contrast, straightforward, in convolution, in snippets, in essence, in landscape and portrait format expressing their point of view on "The Art of MAKAvA"

There will be a silent auction for the all prints. The proceeds will be donated to "Mirno More Peace Fleet", an organization that works for tolerance, integration and a peaceful coexistence. It's the biggest sailing project for socially disadvantaged children and teens.

Refreshments will be served, DJane Mama Feelgood will be providing the appropriate tunes.

Artists: Stefan Beham, Julia Baldauf & Knapp Kajetan, Dagmar Beyer, Michael Birnstingl Art, Ettore Albert, Jelena Fleck, Clara Frühwirt, Alexander Fuehrer, Matthias Hönger, Anna-Marai Jung, The Art of Josef Florian Krichbaum, Florian Lang, David Leitner, Tom Lohner, Verena Loisl, Andreas Niederwieser, Georg Peinhaupt, Meapi /Armin Pichler, Elisabeth Schagerl, Heinz Seidenbusch, Wald & Schwert

Open House / Studio Visit
Sunday, 26. May 2019

Open House / Studio Visit

Artists around Styria are opening their doors and granting a glimpse into their studios. Use the opportunity to chat with Tom Lohner and see how one of his art pieces comes to life.

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Friday, 03. May 2019


#epicwomen vernissage with Carola Deutsch, Marion Rauter, Tamara Matara und Dagmar Beyer. Thanks to Gioia Gin, Red Bull & feh