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Alles Bitcoin oder alles Bullshit?
Friday, 11. November 2022

All bitcoin or all bullshit?

It's about the big question whether bubbles are important or dangerous, starting from the exhibition at the Graz Kunsthaus by Hito Steyerl, which runs until January 8, we looked at the bubble of cryptocurrencies, but also the crypto possibilities for the art market. As an impulse, a documentary about Bitcoin mining in Georgia ran before the podcast. "The Harvest." In the conversation, however, we make little reference to it.

Host: Barbara Haas, Kleine Zeitung, Head of Podcast and Video Editing Christa Sommerer, Artist (Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer) and Professor at the Interface Culture Department, Institute for Media, University of Art Linz Klaus Billinger, Managing Director, Bakerhouse Gallery, Graz Dirk Raith, Sociologist and Business Ethicist, Sustainable Economy - Ethics and Transformation, University of Graz.
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