Bakerhouse Gallery
Graz / Berlin


25. October 2023

Unique in Austria: Graz shopping center Center West turns into a colorful art mall

Urban Pop Art in XXL format! Towering paintings and surprising art installations: The 'Center West Gallery' opens with the internationally renowned artist Lewis Blake in Graz (OTS) In Graz, an entire shopping center is transformed into a unique art gallery featuring Urban Pop Art in XXL format—and permanently: The Center West, the largest shopping center in the city, now surprises its visitors with oversized art, ceiling-hanging paintings, and mobile installations that will appear in different locations within the mall. The kickoff is made by the internationally known London artist Lewis Blake, who lives in Graz, with a total of 14 of his works, displayed in an impressive size of up to 7 by 3 meters. In collaboration with the Graz-based Bakerhouse Gallery, the new 'Center West Gallery' will regularly showcase new Styrian artists, initially on a semi-annual basis. Thus, Center West now sports a vibrant Urban Pop Art look. For the premiere in the 'Center West Gallery,' London painter Lewis Blake, who found his new home in Graz since 2019, takes the stage. He was trained by the famous artist Damien Hirst and his work is influenced by documentary photography, architecture, and graphic design. His paintings explore buildings and landmarks, which he interprets in new and lively ways. He aims to encourage people with his art to see the depicted objects in a different light and appreciate them anew. Since moving to Austria, local buildings and landmarks of Styria, as well as mountain landscapes, have also influenced his artworks. At the Center West exhibition, the Graz Clock Tower deliberately appears multiple times.
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