Hard Rock meets Art Rock: Tom Lohner im Interview mit Mina Caputo von Life of Agony am Nova Rock Festival 2024

A unique artistic synergy unfolded backstage at the Nova Rock Festival 2024. Mina Caputo, singer of the famous New York rock band Life of Agony as well as painter, and artist Tom Lohner sat in front of their new joint artwork "The Bowieand Warhol Wonderland", which was presented for the first time at the festival backstage at the Red Bull stage, a brand new collaboration between both artists.

Both artists, Caputo and Lohner presented their different creative processes and united their two styles on this work. Caputo, who is driven by spontaneity, brings her raw emotions directly to the canvas, in contrast to Lohner, who meticulously plans his methodical approach. Their collaborative work reflected the fusion of these contrasting styles and was inspired around the theme of lasting legacies, borrowing from icons Andy Warhol and David Bowie.

This artwork symbolized how the influences of Warhol and Bowie reached beyond their lifetimes and continue to inspire people today. This project marked the beginning of an exciting journey for Caputo and Lohner, who aimed to learn from each other and inspire others.

The artwork is currently on display at the Bakerhouse Gallery Graz.
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