Live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with Gotti Eisenberger

What is happening in the arts and culture scene in Saudi Arabia? Gotti Eisenberger from Scan.art and Klaus Billinger looked at the art scene in Riyadh and reported on their impressions.

Jax District
SAMOCA Saudi Arabia Museum of Modern Contemporary Art
(The video from The Art Fair Guy on Youtube)
Riyadh Art
In the night
Noor Festival
Riyadh Biennale
Royal Commission of Riyadh
Tuwaiq Sculpture Festival with the Austrian Max Seibald
Misk Art

Panel Discussions: Art in Saudi Arabia by Rebecca Proctor, Alia Al-Senussi
Al Herwa Gallery at Kingdom Center
Al Mousa Center, Riyadh

Gotti also tells us about his experiences with the Ministry of Culture in Doha, Qatar and about the "Fire Station"

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